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  • What happens after I subscribe? What's Next?
    Good News! You're on your way to building your WFG Team! Once you subscribe you will recieve a welcome email within 24hours that outlines step by step everything to expect. Such as delivery of your Success Tool Kit, Frequency/Time of delivery for your warm candidate leads etc.
  • Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
    It's not likely that you will want too. Our clients LOVE our service. However! We do offer a 100% hassle free cancellation policy. You may cancel anytime.
  • What States/Cities are my candidate leads from?
    Our leads are nationwide. However we are able to choose geographic areas to target for your leads. Example: North East, South East, Mid West, West Coast etc.
  • Do you have a customer service number?
    Yes! All subscribers recieve a direct customer service number to assist them over the phone for anything they need.
  • What is your conversion rate % from leads to them becoming WFG Team Members?
    Conversion % varies based on the individual. However those that follow our proven process have a very high conversion rate.
  • Can I subscribe to a custom package for more than 40 leads per month?
    Great Question! This is a very popular question we get asked frequently. Yes we do have custom packages to deliver more than 40 leads/month to you. If you are interested in pricing for larger packages please contact us.
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